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The Foundation

In accordance with the spanish legislation effective in the year 2003 and in the Valencian Community the Cultural and Private Foundation without commercial purpose was born. It’s objectives are to investigate, teach, guard, preserve all available material and publicize all aeronautical matters, being subject fully to the Protectorate of the Valencian Generality.

This Foundation is a natural evolution of the Aerobatic Mediterranean Club with it’s 12 years of experience and practice of the diverse civil aviation performances.


Be an aeronautical reference center in the Valencian Community.


  • Preserve and increment the aeronautical patrimony mainly of the Valencian community but also that of Spain generally speaking.
  • Make the public aware of our aeronautical culture, science, technicalities and history.
  • Make sure all collected material is correctly maintained in order to be exhibited on static displays or in flights.
  • Be a valid interlocutor with public Entities, Administrations and other similar Foundations in order to join forces in recovering historic aircraft of our country.


In order to reach her objectives, the FACV has planned following activities:

  • Rebuild and make sure aircraft are properly maintained.
  • Train people.
  • Hold conferences and Aeronautical communications.
  • Maintain relationships with the aeronautical industry.
  • Organize or participate in all possible exhibitions.
  • Let groups visit our facilities.


FACV’s structure is as follows:

  • The Board
  • Protective Members
  • Volunteers and cooperative friends

Financial support

Despite the full dedication and hard work of all participants, our Foundation could not be viable without the finantial support of those mentioned entities. Obviously, this support from public and private companies or administrations is absolutely vital for us.

The Board

  • Bleriot XI - Plegado


There are presently eleven Members of the Board.

The Board intends to increase it’s membership by incorporating physical persons or entities which could contribute to the Foundation’s objectives thanks to their personal or professional capabilities and or curriculum.


Members of the Board are renown persons of the aeronautical environment, being recognized for their human merits or their achievements within the aviation world.

Present Members

  • Mr. Rafael JIMENEZ GOMEZ (President)
  • Mr. Julián OLLER GARCIA (Vice-President)
  • Mr. Julio A. JUÀREZ DE BLAS (Secretary)
  • Mr. Enrique CREUS SOLER
  • Mr. Joan Batiste BOLÒS BOLUMAR
  • Mr. J. Víctor LLEÒ CÒRRES
  • Mr. Sergio DURÀN LÀZARO

Board behavior

The Board is the highest governing & representation organ of the Foundation in charge of the daily actions and decisions.
The Board might delegate, commissionate or ask people to act in accordance with the law and the statutes in order to get activities performed or relationships to be established with other organizations or lawful entities.
The Board must act in accordance to the norms, laws and applicable statutes of the Foundation.

Protective Members

  • Contamos contigo!!!!

Their Rights

As a reward for their donation these are the advantages granted to the Protective Members:

  • They get a credential as Protective Member
  • They have access to the Foundation’s aircraft
  • They may participate in the drawing of one passenger seat
  • They are kept informed of all activities planned/realized by the Foundation with the possibility of actively participate in it.
  • They are given the opportunity to live their passion amongst Historical Aircraft.

Their Profile

People who love aviation and have a special interest in historical aircraft don’t hesitate and enlist themselves as Protective Members and are of great help to the FACV. They contribute with a small donation of 100€ per year. They are paramount for the Foundation to reach it’s planned objectives.

Volunteers & Contributors

  • Cabina T6

Their Rights

  • They will be kept informed of all exhibitions and activities planned by the Foundation.
  • They are included in the distribution list of the FACV.
  • They are supposed to give a hand and participate in as much activities organized by the FACV as possible.

Their Profile

People really wanting to cooperate with an altruist project don’t hesitate to become Friends and Contributors of the FACV.

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